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Pacific Islanders

The purpose of the Taskforce is to ensure that county agencies consider alignment/regional approach model for PI communities in operations, funding priorities, program development, and health services delivery to improve their health outcomes. Today, the Pacific Islanders are still invisible and underserved and it is vital to being able to clearly see the issues confronting this community.

Improving safety, quality and choice

The Taskforce is a highly collaborative coalition of leaders from over 20-organizations who volunteer their time to serve their PI community in the Bay Area. They are professors, clinicians, executive directors and directors, managers, faith leaders, and community advocates. This effort is entirely led and driven by local community champions and community-based organizations (CBOs) in partnership with tri-county health
departments and agencies.

About Us

The Regional Pacific Islander Taskforce (Taskforce) was formed in 2015 to address the lack of data
and reporting on Pacific Islander health disparities in the greater San Francisco, Bay Area. Serving
as an advisory council to health departments and tri-county agencies, the Taskforce raises the
awareness and visibility of Pacific Islander health and social issues by:

• Educating counties on Pacific Islander history and culture
• Improving regional data collection and reporting on Pacific Islander communities
• Building intergenerational solidarity
• Increasing Pacific Islander civic-engagement participation

Support Health Departments
Advocating for your local health department
Optimize strategic alliances and partnerships
Encourage R.P.I.T.F member engagement
Coordinated with the Regional Pacific Islander Taskforce and the Congregational Christian
Tafatolu Congregational Church
2510 Alvin Ave, San Jose, CA 95121
10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Our mission is to promote and advance cross-system advocacy in the Bay Area for regional collaboration of Pacific Islander community organizations, businesses, and faith communities for inclusive accessibility to impactful and sustainable programming for a healthy and thriving Pacific Islander community.


We envision unification and flourishing Pacific Islander organizations, businesses, and faith-based communities across county network of services to ensure prosperity with our Pacific Islander community across the Bay Area.

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