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Regional Pacific Islander Taskforce

The Regional Pacific Islander Taskforce
(RPITF or “Taskforce”)
was formed in 2015 to address the lack of data and reporting on Pacific Islander (PI) population health and health disparities in different health departments across the Bay Area. Serving as an advisory council to the directors of the health departments and their leadership, the Taskforce raises the awareness and visibility of Pacific Islander health and social issues by

Our approach is innovative in that we have focused on making inroads with county officials to influence change.

Who We Serve

The purpose of the Taskforce is to ensure that the 10 Bay Area county agencies and public health departments align and standardize their data practices to adequately capture the state of Pacific Islanders’ (PI) population health.

 In order to do this, the Taskforce champions a regional approach model for PI communities in each county to be better linked in operations, funding priorities, program development, and health services delivery to improve their health outcomes through organizational partnerships and community-based collaborative efforts. 

Today, many Pacific Islanders are still invisible in aggregated public health data and thus underserved as their unique needs are not considered in focus. It is vital to build standards for Pacific Islander data disaggregation in order to  see the issues confronting this diverse community. The Taskforce will continue to support advocacy and grassroots efforts to envision innovative practices for understanding PI community health.


The Taskforce is a highly collaborative coalition of leaders from over 20-organizations who volunteer their time to collaborate and serve their PI community in the Bay Area.

They are professors, clinicians, executive directors, managers, faith leaders, and community advocates. This effort is entirely led and driven by local community champions and community-based organizations (CBOs) in partnership with Bay Area regional health departments and agencies.

Educating Counties On Pacific Islander History And Culture
Support Health Departments & County Agencies
Optimize Strategic Alliances And Partnerships
Improve Regional Data Collection And Reporting On Pacific Islander Communities

Where We Focus

The Taskforce adopted a life-course model as a framework that strategically prioritizes, for instance, housing as a fundamental need and follows a life span to see how the interplay of risk and protective factors influence health through a Pacific Islander’s lifetime—from prenatal health to birth outcomes and across the life-course. 

The Taskforce focuses on five key priorities

Analyzing the multiple factors influencing both individual and population health over the life course offers a broader understanding of patterns of health and disease disparities by recognizing how these are shaped by social, structural, and cultural contexts.


Taskforce Achievements

Since its inception in 2015

From Alameda, San Francisco, and San Mateo Counties to address Pacific Islanders health and social disparities

Designed a data disaggregation plan for Pacific Islanders and will expand across all 10-counties in the Bay Area.

Established first regional Data sub-committee workgroup conversation across all three-county leadership and the new addition of Santa Clara County as director Sara Cody agree to join in this data disaggregated initiative and appointed one epidemiologist from each county to be a part of the Data committee to design a plan. This is facilitated by BARHII with guidance from Taskforce Date sub-committee.

(Housing | Maternal, Child and Infant Health | Data | Behavioral and Mental Health | Population Health) as a result. of 5 regional convening with the three counties

Established the first regional sub-committee workgroup with all three-counties leadership to address Maternal Child Health recommendations.

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