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The Regional Pacific Islander Taskforce (RPITF or “Taskforce”) was formed in 2015 to address the lack of data and reporting on Pacific Islander (PI) population health and health disparities in different health departments across the Bay Area. Serving as an advisory council to the directors of the health departments and their leadership, the Taskforce raises the awareness and visibility of Pacific Islander health and social issues by


Unifying Pacific Islanders across the Bay Area to address community needs through sustainable cross-system collaboration.


We envision a thriving Pacific Islander faith-based, community organization, and small businesses to ensure Health, Well-being, and Prosperity.


HONOR: those whose shoulder we stand on…

RESPECT: all cultures

"When your personal values match your work values, you stand the best chance of being content – but when your both lives personal and professional are in alignment, the contentment is PRICELESS.”

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